Review: BitRig, win satoshis while having fun

New site, BitRig is a game that simulates a bitcoin mining. It is therefore by playing this game that you will allow you to acquire satoshis easily.

How to win bitcoins?

The principle is to improve your mining system to earn more. The whole thing is to better manage these improvements!
So do not worry, the game does not touch your computer! Plus the visual is quite fun, to be clear, it’s even addictive: p

There are two methods, a free and a paid. You can increase your virtual power by shopping in the shop. You can make these purchases with various cryptocurrencies.

Earn free

However if you want to invest nothing there is also a free method to win satoshis with BitRig! First let “Auto faucet” run, this will allow you to accumulate energy, energy that you can later use in the “Mine” section. As a reminder, the symbol representing energy is the lightning surrounded by red at the top right of the page.

In addition you can also count on the sponsorship, you will pocket 5% of the earnings of your godchildren, more EXP!

Earning experience

Plus, your experience counts too, allowing you to climb the ladder. In addition to the experience that can be acquired through sponsorship a system of “faucet” is proposed!

At the lowest level the “claims” are limited to 1000 satoshis per day (limit that increases when you pass levels). It can be removed on Faucethub, no minimum limit!

This site is a bit like Febbit, it allows you to win money while playing!


Proof of payment on Faucethub:



Free registration


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