Earn bitcoins while having fun with Febbit!

Here is a fun and funny way to earn bitcoins. Indeed, Febbit offers you to collect satoshis playing!

What is the concept of Febbit?

In fact it’s mining simulation games. Do not panic, nothing will be undermined and your power will remain intact. The concept is to succeed in undermining as much satoshis as possible.

And that’s where the game comes in because you can boost your mining power with the points you collect every hour. So your virtual machine will be more efficient and you can grab more bitcoins!

Finally, the game is free, it is financed on advertising, so it’s great!

And in addition, bonuses!

Every hour by collecting your satoshis bonuses are also awarded to you. There are also quests on a limited time to collect extras. As for example increase this or that capacity of your machine.

So it’s easy and quite addictive, and it pays, the top no?

Payment and sponsorship

The payment is made on Faucethub, as soon as you reached the threshold of 1000 satoshi.

When to Febbit‘s sponsorship system, you will earn 10% of your godchildren’s commissions, 3% of their godchildren and 1% of their godchildren!


Febbit’s review: this is a free game quite fun and rewarding, so much so go ^^


Register here



A short guide to Febbit:

Credits are used to improve your chips.

The Dusts are used to update the modules above Mk5.

The Febbit is used to make purchases in the shop.

Every hour you can get your satoshis, think about it! In addition you will also accumulate experience, allowing you to be more efficient.

The more experience you have, the more missions you can complete (icon at the top right, next to the gift).

Small tip to scratch even more experience, when Cool and Energy blocks are in green, click on it! This will brings you more experience points!


Feel free to comment if you have questions, and if you are not registered yet go here.


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