Xenzuu: a social network that pays you!

Xenzuu is a social network that pays its users.

– To earn commissions, you only need to be active on the network. This means posting, commenting, sharing, adding friends, participating in communities etc. etc. All for 10 days each month.

Basically it’s like Facebook, except that you get paid! Moreover, the site visually resembles that of Facebook. Xenzuu is the facebook that reports for free!

How to make more money?

– Each month the site redistributes some of its advertising earnings to its members.

– It is also possible to create your own advertising campaign to broadcast on the network.

– The site pays from $ 25 via Paypal

– The more godchildren you have, the more you receive advertising revenue shares, that’s all good!


Review: Xenzuu is a recent site, so to discover. It’s free, so to try!


Registration here


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