ySense Review: the best website in the world!

Existing since 2007 Clixsense is a reference website for making money on the web, thanks to the paid survey. Since 2016 is name changed¸, so welcome to ySense!

Its specificity is to offer many ways to make money. Present in many countries, ySense provides survey in a lot of languages.

How to win with ySense:

It is possible to earn money by completing offers or performing tasks. But answering surveys is the ultimate solution.

  • Surveys: The best way to make money is to complete the surveys available daily. They earn an average of $ 1 and are offered by the already well-known platforms such as Cint, YourSurveys, OpinionSurveys, etc.

If no poll is offered, do not panic! You can always find by clicking on these elements:


  • Daily Bonus: If you complete all these tasks, you will be entitled to a daily bonus! To sum up: answer polls, visit the forum let the Clixsense extension (which warns you when new offers appear) … This fact, 16% of your earnings will be credited more!For example here I won $ 14.11 in one day, the bonus will be $ 2.25!


  • Payment:

Payments are made by Skrill, Paypal, Payza, Paytoo, Payoneer, Tango Card, Checks (checks are only for Canada and the States).

Euro conversion is free!

ysense argent ligne

How to register?

1:  First click on this link. Then simply complete the form “Signup for ClixSense FREE and start earning …” (Name, Surname, email, pseudonym, etc.).

2: This makes you have to click on “Signup Now”. Then you have to validate this registration by clicking in the email that Clixsense will send you. If you do not see it, think about checking in spam.

3: Here it is! It’s enough to complete your profile. To do this, click on “Profile and Settings”, you can choose your payment method (“Payment Details”). Remember that the best way to earn money is to complete Surveys (which are in French). Then go in the “Surveys” section, you can fill your profile in “Surveys Profile” to have a maximum of poll!

Here you are, ready to make money! Do not hesitate to contact me if there is a problem during registration.
Paid survey, offers, bonuses … join ySense by registering:




Payment proof:

On Payooner:

clixsense paiment 0519




Payment made quickly. The payment threshold is $ 8 for standard members. However, the euro conversion is insured on your electronic wallet, the money ended up arriving on the bank account or your credit card.

Notice: ySense is a great site to get a great income supplement! Convertible money on different media. You can earn on average over $ 100 a month!

See you soon on ySense!



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